5 Cute Wallpaper Designs For 2021 You Are Sure To Love


A feature wall is a place in a living room to make a statement that reflects you and your unique style. The cute wallpaper ideas by Lovevsdesign, show how no matter what your style and impactful design is a great way to introduce your taste to space and set the tone for the rest of the room. These feature wallpapers are all very different in style, but they have one thing in common – they make for absolutely incredible accent walls and will add real wow-factor to your home. When styling your living room, and feature wall in particular, it’s essential to consider the space you are working with. Adding different layers and textures can transform a small room into a much airier space, or make an ample space feel less empty.

For those who require to add a touch of excitement and interior flair to their home, having an accent wall that is pretty bold, or full of colour is an easy way to influence. Both Fall Blooms and Outlined Peonies explore striking design conveniently to invite an exciting new theme to space. Working with the colours from within your mural design, try colour matching your furniture as a great way to compliment your background wall.

Get the relaxing classical beauty of the Water Colour Ombre in your home. The wallpaper effortlessly improves the beauty of a house with a tropical feel. Maybe in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or any room in the house, the wallpaper brings beauty and a relaxing environment. It keeps the atmosphere fresh and alive. When it comes to the latest interior inclinations, you will never go wrong with this wallpaper mural.

Turn your home into an appealing Eden and stay on trend with our stylish cute wallpaper collection, full of custom-made designs that are perfect for giving a new lease of life to your space. Try a Sweet Branches design to introduce fresh flower tones to your interiors, or even a tropical wallpaper that will allow you to escape to a zone of complete zen and amusement. Suppose you’re looking for a vibrant feature wall aesthetic that will revive your bedroom or bathroom interior. In that case, we have plenty of tropical jungle wallpapers in dark pink and lush green patterns that will help you achieve the refreshing modern theme you want.

Little Bits is an inky dots wallpaper mural filled with exotic life in pastel dark and light shades. The stylish polka dots that fill the space includes an exciting and beautiful shade of black. Plus, the warm cream background colour has a light paper effect, giving the wallpaper some extra detailed texture. This patterned mural has a softer, more minimalist feel than many usual tropical wallpaper designs. Our stylists suggest that it looks best in a simple, minimal room with natural materials and warm, rosy decor colours. Have fun styling your new cute wallpaper ideas!


Get your lovely home the touch of such a dramatic touch that no one can turn their eyes off your walls. The easy-to-peel cute wallpapers are manageable and can be reused.

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