Cavity Wall Drama: More And More People Suffering The After Effects Of Mis Selling


All over the United Kingdom (but particularly in the South East of England) there has been a concentration of homeowners who have been mis sold cavity wall insulation, with an estimated 3 million installations in total (with 70% of which thought to be mis sold).

Mis Sold Cavity Wall Claims

There have been many compensation claims for mis sold cavity wall insulation, resulting in large sums of compensation being paid out to the victims, each claim can be worth up to £23,000 in compensation with the average scale being between £10,000-£23,000, meaning people who have suffered on the wrong side of a mis sale could be due many thousands of pounds in compensation.

Cavity Wall Insulation – Faulty Building Work

There is also the issue of faulty building work and the fact that bad work on a property (especially a stone property) is expensive to fix and put back to normal, so in a cavity wall claim, much of the compensation is usually spent on restoring the home to it’s previous state or better (before the problem installation).

Cavity Wall Insulation – Tell Tale Signs Of Faulty Building Work

Some of the common tell tale signs of bad building work being carried out on a cavity wall are as follows:

  1. Rising Damp – If the property has rising damp issues in the walls and moisture running up towards the ceiling, this can be a telltale signal that there is something wrong with the cavity wall insulation.
  2. Cracks In The Masonry – If there are cracks in the wall which may be expanding due to the moistures wear on the wall(s) and brickwork this can also be a sign of a problem in the cavity wall insulation.
  3. Damp Smells In The Property – Some people use a dehumidifier to combat bad smells in the home, however these damp smells can be an indication of damp and cold air getting into the property in part due to faulty insulation installed on the home.
  4. Draughts In The Property – If there are sudden drops in temperature accompanied by cold winds or subtle cold winds entering the home, this can be an indication of problems in the wall and damaged masonry (including cavity wall insulation).

There are also other signs of wear on the property which can indirectly or directly be influenced by faulty cavity wall insulation.

How Quickly Can Compensation For Mis Sold Or Faulty Cavity Wall Insulation Be Awarded?

Compensation for a mis sold cavity wall insulation can be awarded as quickly as three months after the claim has been initiated, this is because first there has to be a survey of the property and a case for compensation needs to be built by the cavity wall claims solicitors.

Once this is completed the claim can be processed in full and compensation received once the liability has been established and the case presented.

Most companies’ offer cavity wall insulation claims on a no win no fee basis.

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