Easy Ways to Unclog Your Household Blocked Drains


Every homeowner experiences clogged drainage at a point of their daily life around the world. These blockages especially strike when you least expect them, and therefore, it’s wise to be ready to cope up with them.

Untreated blocked drains can lead to water leakage from your drainage system and result in damaging your property. Severe drain blockages will also cause the pipe to burst, resulting in the need for costly repairs. Here are some basic ways you can get rid of blocked drains to avoid its daunting consequences.

  • Plunger

Use a plunger to unblock clogged drainage. Cover any potential overflow spout before plunging to ensure getting positive results. This gadget creates a pressure to help loosen any blockages, allowing your piper flow smoothly again.

  • Boiling Water

Pouring a jug of boiling-hot water into the drain is a quick way to unclog the blocked drains. This remedy is usually enough to dissolve the blockage without having to look for further blockage-clearing methods. Remember, pouring boiling water is suitable for ceramic or metal made pipes and can effectively eliminate food or grease build-up. It, however, will not work for solid blockages. Make sure you do not apply this method on PVC pipes because the heat can loosen their joints.

  • Hydro-Jet

Hydro-jets create pressure by forcing a powerful stream of water through the pipes. It eventually releases the blockages out of the pipes, letting the water flow through them once again. Using a hydro-jet tends to be much safer on your drainage and pipes than snaking though it does not help solid-object blockage.

  • Excavation

Excavation is the final option to unblock extreme clogged drainage systems. A plumber will be the right person to identify the exact location of obstruction to know which pipe needs excavation. They dig the earth and repair or replace the affected pipeline. They then fill the floor back in around the new pipeline to restore your house to its original condition.


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