How to Maintain the Exterior Doors of Your Home


Exterior doors are like every other major component of the home in that they will only operate correctly and remain functional if they are routinely maintained. When you neglect even the most basic of such upkeep, they will begin to break down much sooner than you might expect. This consideration towards routine maintenance should be made even at the purchase stage, before you have them installed.

When you are in the market to make such a purchase and you’re comparing options at your nearest Mr. Rogers Windows and Doors, think about how much time you are prepared to devote towards maintaining your exterior doors. That way you can select the best doors for you.

You will find a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, but the best way to narrow down your choices is by thinking about how wear and tear will impact your doors and how you can help to minimize that impact through consistent, dedicated upkeep.

When you finally make that purchase and your doors are installed, here are some of the most effective maintenance tips to keep your doors working at peak performance.

Regular Inspections

You can’t very well maintain your exterior doors very well unless you know what’s ailing them. The thing is there can be all kinds of environmental impacts that might pose a significant threat to the well-being of your doors. That’s why you need to perform routine inspections of the doors, that way you can diagnose smaller problems before they become bigger ones.

Identifying a potential issue ahead of time can make sure your doors are always working correctly and prevent them from aging prematurely. The most ideal time to do an inspection is during a change in seasons as the weather can be pretty rough on your doors. Snow, rain, wind, even direct sunlight, all of these things can be bad news for your exterior doors.

Cleaning the Doors

The better you clean, the longer you can extend the lifespan of your doors. It’s that simple. But cleaning them properly requires doing the job right, that means choosing the best cleansers and avoiding anything that may prove detrimental to the condition of the material.

For most materials, all you really need is a mild cleaner combined with warm water for the most effective clean possible. You should avoid using anything that contains harsh or abrasive ingredients as these could actually damage the surface by eating away at the finish. You do not want to mar your doors’ aesthetics.

Cleaning the Glass

Much like with the frames and the doors themselves, if there are glass panes located in the doors you should clean them with regularity. Not only will it keep your doors looking their best, it will improve your visibility to the outdoors. But also, as with the frames and doors, cleaning the glass should be done only with gentle cleansers that do not contain acidic ingredients. These could damage the coatings of the glass which are added for better energy efficiency.

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