Replacing Backwater Valve Guide


A backflow valve is an essential component of any sewer system, especially in regions with heavy rainfall. This fixture is vulnerable to wear and tear so it needs to be replaced when damaged. Professional plumbers know how to remove a damaged component and carry out a new backwater valve installation without causing damage to the plumbing system. Reasons you need sewer backflow valve installation

This valve is usually located underground, hidden by an access box. Most homeowners don’t check this component personally so are unaware of any damage. Fortunately, you can keep an eye out for signs like: External pressure burst – Heavy rainfall floods the mains with water, debris, and sludge. This increases water pressure and causes strain on your valve. While a cast iron component withstands more pressure than PVC ones, excessive water can cause the valve to break, come off, or burst. Siphoning – Plumbing systems develop vacuum when the pressure in the mains decreases sharply. This can cause water to flow back up the pipe, causing damage to backwater valves. These fixtures only allow one-way water flow so any backup has the potential to cause harm. Backwater Valve Installation – The Process All backflow valves come with detailed instructions, but it’s still a good idea to call professionals to handle the job. Poorly installed features can cause excessive damage to your plumbing system. Here’s a brief look at backwater valve installation process: Tools needed – Plumbers use tools like line wrenches, a pipe wrench, hydraulic fittings, metal drip pan, and ferrules to carry out replacements. They may also use specialized equipment based on your valve’s location and condition.

Stopping the drain – The next step is to stop water supply to installation site so plumbers can work without having to deal with flowing water. They will ask clients to avoid using the drain for at least a few hours before the scheduled repair. Removing the old valve – Plumbers carefully remove the older fixture using wrenches and other such tools. They take care not to damage surrounding pipes or installations during this process. Valve installation – Once the old valve is removed, they install a new one in place. Experts will check this new fixture several items before they consider their job complete.

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