An Introduction to Box Sash Windows

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Box sash windows can be viewed as a timeless classic in the windows industry. They have been around for almost 400 years; however the popularity of these windows declined about 50 years before enjoying another recent revival. In this article, we will learn more about box sash windows and about some of the customisations which can be done. We will also consider some of the pros and cons of choosing these types of windows for your home or house.

The first type of box sash – The first type of box sash windows that we will look at is the “traditional box sash”. As the name implies, these are very traditional type windows, which can look simple yet elegant. Traditional box sash window tend to operate based on a weights system, which allows very easy functionality for lifting the windows up and down. These windows are extremely advantageous in terms of being able to cool rooms during hotter environments. This is because of the multi flow system which allows both warm air to escape, whilst letting in air cooler air. There are traditional box sash windows as well that would flatter your space. Spring balance sash – The next type to consider is the spring balance sash window. These types of windows can be seen as a more modern version of the traditional weight and pulley range. One of the main advantages of this approach to windows is that it does away with the need to have a weights system. This in turn means that the design of the window and operations can be significantly less bulky than traditional sash windows may be. This can be particularly advantageous in smaller or more enclosed spaces where the slim line design can be seen to beautiful effect. “Tilt and slide” spring balance sash – An extension of the spring balance sash is the “tilt and slide” spring balance sash window. As it sounds, it is remarkably similar to the spring balance sash with the exception of the “tilt and slide” functionality. What this actually does is allow the window to be tilted inwards and outwards as desired. This allows the functionality to clean window both inside and outside, and means that they are far easier to clean and maintain. Mock sash – Another type of window to consider is the mock sash window. This is similar in look to a traditional sash window, however the mechanism for operation is fundamentally different. With mock sash windows, the top sash is hemmed in at the sides, which instead allows the windows to be opened outwards. The type of wood used to make box sash windows can also be customised like hardwood sash windows. Most companies will offer you at least three wood possibilities: pine, meranti and oak. Note that pine is the only softwood; and meranti and oak are considered hardwoods.

Due to the variety of box sash windows available, it can understandably be hard to make a decision about which type to purchase. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information on the different types of sash window available online, as well as a number of online and physical stores which sell these products. As we mentioned above, your windows can end up being the centerpiece and main focal point of your home. Just as you would properly research before buying any furniture for your house or home, take the same diligent approach with your window. If you make the correct choice and choose sustainable windows, which can be easily maintained, then these windows can literally last a lifetime. If you do choose to buy timber windows in Kent online or any other, then making sure that the window suppliers you are using are reputable and have significant experience within their industry. Some suppliers will also actually fit the windows for you, so be sure to check out all your fitting options.

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