How to Clean Sash Windows

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Home is where the heart is, and our hearths are very close to our hearts. A whole industry has grown up around taking care of our homes, and we spend our hard-earned cash on making them our castles. In this article we take a look at how to clean sash windows.

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Avoid the Cost of a Window Cleaner
Firstly, if you have sliding sash windows Dublin or in Dorchester, then you can avoid the cost of a professional window cleaner and do it yourself. It can feel like a daunting task to many of us, especially if the dirtiest ones on are on the top floor. However, if you have sliding sash windows, this means that you can clean all your windows from inside the comfort of your own home, reaching each section with ease. It’s easier than it seems! Here’s how to do it: slide the bottom sash to the top one and tilt it by using the knobs located in the sash, and then lock it in place by pulling it towards you; do the same with the top sash and you are ready to go!

Easy Solutions
The world, it seems, is awash with cleaning products that all claim to be the very best for tackling the job of window cleaning. Our advice is to avoid harsh products and try natural or neutral cleaning solutions. Use a clean cloth, hot water and a non-coarse solution for the best results. And definitely avoid bleach or nail varnish for those tough marks which won’t shift; these can cause damage to both the glass and the frame.

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In the Frame
To maximise the life of your windows from Keane Windows, our advice is to make sure you don’t just concentrate on the glass itself but also to regularly and routinely clean the frames.

The Benefits of Routine
Although they won’t need a lot of upkeep, it’s important that you look after your sash windows. A little like cars, which have become more and more reliable over the years, you will still need to take care of them; it makes sense to remember that they won’t just look after themselves. Make sure that window cleaning is part of your general house cleaning and then the build-up of dirt will be avoided, making the job easier.

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