Things to Know For Choosing Window Films in Palm Beach Gardens For Your Office And Home

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Choosing the right film for your home or office in Palm Beach Gardens depends on your overall requirements. Depending on the primary use of each room, homeowners and corporates often say that they need different types of window films to suit different rooms of their home or office in Palm Beach Gardens. Some of the things to know before selecting a window film are discussed in this post. How to clean and take care of window film in Palm Beach Gardens? It is essential to ensure that you are properly caring and cleaning your film after you have made the wise investment to have the windows of your home or office tinted with the right type of window films. Taking care of residential/commercial window films Drying time: The new window film takes about 30 days to cure. Some water pockets and possibly a slight hazy appearance on the film is witnessed by many homeowners/corporate individuals during the first 30 days of installing film on the internal surface of the glass windows of your home or office. The hazy appearance is caused by the residual water left from the installation of film on the surface of the glass window. It (hazy appearance of the window film) effectively disappears once the moisture dries out. Windows under lanais or in shady areas will dry slower as compared to windows in direct sunlight (windows facing sunlight will dry faster). Cleaning of window films: Window films should not be cleaned for first 30 days (until it completely dries out). Paper towels, normal household cleaning solutions should be used for cleaning film without damaging them. It is important to consult window film professionals, before using ammonia or alcohol products for cleaning of films. Most of the window films used in window tinting have a scratch-resistant coating. It doesn’t mean that these films are scratch proof. Objects such as watches, rings, metal back chairs can cause scratches on the window films. Lifespan and warranty of window film If properly installed by professional window film installers in Palm Beach Gardens, the residential or commercial tinting in Palm Beach Gardens has a lifespan of more than five years depending on which film is used. Some films for the home can last up to 20 years based on a number of factors such as environment, the angle of installation, type of film used and the surface of the glass. When installed according to the manufacturers’ film to glass recommendations on suitable surfaces (interior) of the window by a certified and authorized dealer, the films in Palm Beach Garden are warrantied against discoloring, cracking, peeling, de-metalizing, bubbling and delaminating. Homeowners should carry out their research when searching for and selecting a specialist for residential window tinting in Palm Beach Gardens. See if the tinting dealer is licensed and insured? What is their reputation like in the community? Being an authorized, insured, and licensed window film dealer in Florida, American Glass Coatings help homeowners and corporate individuals to get tinting solutions as per their precise requirements and demands.

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