Enhance The Look of The Home With Engineered Wooden Flooring


Flooring is the most important thing that needs to be considered when it comes to decorating the interiors of a home. Devoid of the right flooring, your home may have design elements in all the correct places but still it may not look right. As such it is vital to invest on floors which are utilitarian and at the same time provide a classy look to the interiors. Even though there are numerous types of flooring materials available in the market such as tiles, laminates, stone and vinyl, none of them can vie with the attractiveness that wooden floors display. However, it is important to note that wooden floors cannot be installed in areas that have high humidity levels such as basements, bathrooms or kitchens, as they tend to contract or expand with the variation in moisture and temperature levels. Moreover, natural wooden flooring can warp and split. This is why the modern architects and the interior designers prefer installing engineered wooden flooring as they provide the same look and texture like that of natural wood, without suffering from the disadvantages linked with them.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages that engineered wood floor offers: This type of floor is able to offer an attractive look and texture of wooden floors as the top layer of engineered wooden floor contains natural hardwood. When installed, these floors can enhance the beauty of the room. The wood used in the premiere quality engineered wooden floors is sourced from exotic wood species from across the world. The premier quality engineered wooden floors are made using the revolutionary PlankLoc technology which allows two planks to stay fastened and thus there is no need of any adhesives. This technology provides strength and compactness to each plank and also checks on the expansion and contraction of wood. Moreover, these floorings are able to resist the daily wear and tear, and do not contract, expand, warp or split. The engineered wooden flooring can be re-sanded and refinished numerous times. Re-sanding helps the floors to maintain their natural luster and shine, and look new for years. One more benefit that engineered wood floor offers is that it can be cleaned easily. Only a broom and a damp mop or a vacuum cleaner can give a spotless look to the floor. Besides this, the engineered wooden floors do not need any specific maintenance routine. These floors are known for their sturdiness and steadiness as they are made using unique three-layer structure which includes real hard wood, a stabilizing core and a balancing layer. As a result of which these floors can withstand the daily wear and tear and the fluctuating moisture levels. The engineered wooden floors use lesser quantity of hardwood than solid wood flooring, so they are ecologically sustainable. This also makes engineered wood floors a more cost-effective option for the customers. All these make engineered wood floors a highly popular option today. However, when buying such floors it is always recommended to contact a renowned and experienced flooring company that offers best quality engineered wood flooring.

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