Lay Tiles With Tile Adhesive- Technical Way of Tile Fixing


Tile adhesive is ready-mixed and particularly prepared from special cement grade, selected fine sand, and additives to enhance its pivotal properties for laying tiles. You can lay tiles on existing tiles, on polished cement, on wooden substrates or on other special substrates with high-performance. Tile-Mate Manufacturer in Delhi provides you with the Tile Mate products for both walls as well as for floors. Let’s have a glance at some of the highlights of using Tile Adhesive for laying tiles. Easy to use

Tile adhesive is very easy to use. All you need to do is just mix some water then it is ready to use. Bagging product makes it suitable for transportation process, providing less dust and clean working space. No needs to soak the tiles just unbox them and lay. Tile Adhesive in Delhi offers an impeccable quality to fix them efficiently and to give a fine look to your buildings. Fast The mixture of tile adhesive is applied to the area of about 1 m2 by using the notched trowel. Tiles are then consistently laid onto the notched adhesive and swiftly adjusted into the lines. Ceramic Adhesive in Delhi offers fast curing times, high water and mold resistance for the construction industry. Working Quality Tile adhesive has an optimum setting time due to which it can be adjusted easily within a specific time period. Moreover, these quality products makes tile laid on the line and gives the ultimate artistic look. However, applying this with notched trowel provides full spread on the back of tiles and will reduce many problems like broken particularly on the corner, water seeping, and efflorescent. It also offers high strength bonding and long lasting tiling work.

Economic Reasons If you are using tile adhesive for laying tiles with the notched trowel then you need less quantity of material. As it is thinner as compared to the sand-cement mixture and will have a lighter load to building structure comparatively. For instance, you can lay tile on the area of 4-5 m2 by the use of a bag of 20 kg tile adhesive approximately. The covered area depends upon the skill of tillers, working tools, and substrate smoothness. Advantages of Using Tile Adhesive Fast and efficient Easy to use, only mix with water High bonding strength No need to wait for the moisture to evaporate can be grouted within 24 hours Applicable on existing tiles, many special substrates like polished cement, drywall system, etc. Thinner layer

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