Quick Guide On Choosing The Right Sofa Sets


In a city like Mumbai, office and homes require a seating solution especially unique designed wooden sofa sets which are reliable and durable as well. There are quite a few modular sofa set manufacturer in Mumbai who has the capacity to manufacture couches and wooden sofa sets which are uniquely suited to one’s needs. Wooden sofa set is one of the popular products for domestic clients and are specially designed wooden sofas cum bed with great space in storage units. Nowadays the modern apartments have a limited space, but one should make sure that the designs made have used the available space in the best possible way. If one wants any kinds of living room couch, sofa cum bed or even a sofa set in Mumbai, one should make sure that the manufacturer is good enough to craft something creative which suits best for the living space. One can choose from a variety of materials for the upholstery and should make sure that the manufacturer is using only the highest quality wooden and composite materials for one’s products. There are quite a few types of a sofa in the furniture market. When one is choosing the perfect sofa set for their home they should make sure to check whether the size, design, and color are fitting with their room decor or not. Getting a wrong size may either clutter the room with oversized sofa or look too spacious due to less sitting area. TIPS ON HOW ONE CAN CHOOSE THE IDEAL SOFA 1. RIGHT SIZE It is very important to determine the right size of the sofa before one goes to a marketplace where one choose from various varieties of sofa sets in Mumbai. Apart from determining the size of the room, one should also check the dimension of one’s main door. One shouldn’t buy a sofa set which cannot pass through the main door. The sofa chosen shouldn’t be too small or too large for one’s room as it will be the main set of furniture display in the living room. For a small living hall room, a nicely designed small sofa set would be ideal. 2. CHOOSING THE RIGHT TYPE OF SOFA The most popular choice for homeowners is the L-shaped sofa, as it looks neat and tidy, presentable, provides a wide seating area and can also work as a divider between the dining area and the living room if the two areas are combined in the same space. If the room is small, then a small sofa set is ideal, and one can also include a few chairs with cozy cushions to give the extra comfort to one’s guests. One should also think of how the sofa set will be used and arranged for example whether it’s used for personal use only to watch TV or also to entertain some guests, these sorts of stuff will determine which types of sofa one should purchase. 3. SELECTION OF THE SOFA MATERIAL Many seem to prefer a light colored suede fabric for sofa, but one should consider it if there are any pets or little children who may easily soil the fabric. Leather and fabric, both have their own unique style and beauty. Furthermore, it is very necessary to consider how to set up one’s modular sofa and which of segments to choose from the various different varieties available. Depending on one’s specific needs and choices, it is possible to alter the functionality and style of a modular sofa. The most common arrangement of a modular sofa is the classic U-shaped arrangement which composes of standard segments connected with two corner segments. These setups are very popular with the bay window settings and also works well when placed towards the center of the room as the focal point of an interior space. ANOTHER CONUNDRUM!! LEATHER SOFA OR A FABRIC SOFA 1. DURABILITY The leather is more durable than fabric. The leather material can easily get scratched but it is also susceptible to splitting or cracking. Fabric sofas tend to get stains, fade and wear out very easily. 2. CARING AND MAINTAINING Fabric sofas are very high maintenance and are hard to clean, they tend to catch the intense odors and smells very quickly. 3. COMFORT AND FEEL Leather adapts the prevailing weather and gets hot when there is summer and cold when the weather is winter. A fabric soda is comparatively soothing and preferable during extreme climatic conditions. 4. COST Leather sofas are a bit for expensive, but they are also durable.

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