The Right Options for the Perfect Air Conditioning


Currently, stationary and portable air conditioners are available on the market. When choosing the right one, one must remember about some basic parameters that are important during operation:

Cooling power – depends on m3, the higher the volume, the greater the power of the air conditioner should be;

Noise level – currently, air-conditioning units generating low noise (about 30 dB) are available on sale, but also those that emit up to 60 dB of noise;

Following the manufacturer’s instructions available in the user manual,

Energy class of the device – as in the case of household appliances, ie washing machine or fridge, the energy class is marked with letters, the most energy-saving devices will have class A;

Possible settings of the air conditioner – it is worth paying attention to the number of speed stages of the air conditioner, what temperature range is possible and what functions are available in the remote control.

The selection of appropriate device parameters and proper operation will make you satisfied with the device and that it will not be necessary to repair the air conditioning for a long time.

The correct use of air conditioners

If you care about the long-term use of the air conditioner and, above all, the health of people using the device, it is worth taking care of its proper use. It is assumed that the device should function efficiently for approx. 3-10 years. This period will depend on the quality of the equipment as well as on how the owner cares for its proper operation. There are a few basic rules that should be applied when using air conditioners. First, do not set the device at the lowest temperature. It is enough for the temperature to be a few degrees lower than outside.

Too low temperature makes expose yourself and your relatives or co-workers to possible thermal shock after leaving the room. It is advisable to have shutters or other solutions to reduce the flow of warm air into the room. Thanks to this, the air conditioner will work more efficiently and the costs of use will be lower. It is also good to ventilate the room from time to time. A very important issue is the regular service of air conditioning. Uncleaned from viruses and microbes, the device is dangerous to health. Therefore, it is important to remember to spark and preserve at least twice a year and to clean the filters at least once every 2 months. In the case of filters – purification can be carried out alone. There is no need to use the services of specialized companies.

Performance overview air conditioning repair

  • Inspection of objects for quotation
  • Repair work on ventilation systems
  • Repair work on air conditioning systems
  • Replacement of old, no longer legally compliant air conditioning systems
  • Professional disposal of old systems including coolant extraction

Professional partner for the air conditioning repair

You are not completely convinced yet? Below you will find again in a compact form the 3 most important arguments per air conditioning phoenix experts. Why should you hire them as a partner for the repair of your air conditioning system?

Certified professionals

Six employees have a cold-ice certificate that entitles them to work with harmful gases.

High planning competence

Whether it’s pipe ducts or the optimal placement of indoor and outdoor units – air conditioning engineers work with you to find the best solution.

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