How To Prevent Getting Bit Up By Mosquitoes In Your Backyard


Nothing ruins a fun summer day in the backyard with friends and family then getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Those little buzzing nuisances can be relentless when they sense they’ve got a free lunch ahead and you’re the main course.

Not only are they annoying as heck flying around your head and your picnic spread but when they bite that can leave behind those itchy welts you won’t be able to stop scratching for days. Even more hazardous is the fact that mosquitoes can spread all kinds of illnesses and diseases that might put you and your family at risk.

So before the warm months arrive, you want to take the necessary precautions to control mosquitoes and keep them from bothering you when you’re just trying to enjoy the outdoors. For those especially concentrated infestations you will need to call your local Mosquito Removal Midlothian VA, to eradicate them entirely.

But for those homes where the mosquito assault has become so overwhelming yet, here are some helpful hints to make sure those flying pests are not part of your summer plans.

Spill out the Water

This is the most important thing you can do to prevent getting bit up by mosquitoes in your backyard. Standing water is ground zero for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. These tiny monsters are attracted to still water which can make those seemingly harmless impromptu pools around your house the main source of your mosquito problem.

So you need to do a full audit in and around your home for anything that might have collected water over time. This can be anything really, flower pots, kiddie pools, even tiny saucers or bowls that you may be using for other purposes. Eliminate all of the water that is standing within because if mosquitoes reach these moist pools, you can bet they will become nurseries for hundreds upon hundreds of eggs.

When those eggs hatch, those baby mosquitoes will develop into full-grown adults in just seven to ten days. But if the breeding grounds are wiped out, there is nowhere for mosquitoes to lay those eggs, making your home much safer and more comfortable.

Mosquito Dunks

Some homes are built on properties that contain free-standing structures that might hold substantial amounts of water year round. You can’t really drain these items, we’re talking about everything from bird baths to ponds to rain barrels and trenches. Just because you can’t eliminate the water from these things doesn’t mean you can’t eliminate the threat of mosquitoes.

The solution is called a mosquito dunk. This is basically a poison pill you drop in the water to wipe out all of the eggs that have been laid in there already. Any mosquitoes that get into that water are done for. But don’t worry, if you’re concerned about other wildlife being injured or killed, no need. A mosquito dunk has been formulated to kill mosquitoes only.

Fish and other animals that might live in or drink from these items won’t even know you’ve placed anything in the water.

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