3 Incredible Hip Vs. Gable Roof Styles Pros And Cons

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If you are considering a hip or gable style roof, you may want to look at the pros and cons. Both of these roofs come with their own aesthetic style and they can offer some excellent design touches for your property. Depending on the preferences you may have, it is important to determine some distinctions between the main styles of hip and gable roofing. Here are some of the pros and cons of each roof:

Hip Roof Pros

  • Hip style roofs use trusses and rafters to build a roof that has equal walls and a balanced design.
  • Extremely strong in high winds
  • Excellent for managing snow
  • Great for water flow
  • A simple design process that makes gutters easier to install.
  • Can use many types of roofing materials.


  • The full roof can be quite complex to install and this often leads to expensive installation costs.
  • Dormers and additions can be added but they are often susceptible to potential water leaks if they are installed improperly.

Gable Roofs Pros

  • Added attic space with the added room, there is plenty of space for storage.
  • More space for upper floors on homes and luxurious changes to additions with vaulted ceiling options.
  • Rain rolls off the structure easily
  • The design is quite simple and this leads to a fast installation which is reasonable.
  • Excellent for managing snowfall


  • Not overly suited for high winds and in hurricane prone areas. Material can sometimes cause ripping along the walls and degradation of materials over time.
  • Roof contains a series of valleys and hips which can be prone to leaks.

Consider these top pros and cons when you are choosing to install these types of roofing systems.

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