Basic Guide to Choosing Siding Colors for Your Home

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Installing siding durham nc comes with many decisions. What kind of materials should you choose, vinyl siding because of its low maintenance requirements or something else that might need more tender loving care? What about colors? Next to material choice, this is the most important decision that needs to be made for the purposes of providing your home with a unique and pleasing exterior aesthetic.

The condition of your current siding may warrant your making a change because it’s old, faded, or outdated. But before you select the new stuff, consider all of the factors that must be incorporated into finding the right color for your home first.

Color Options

You will soon discover that you have a seemingly endless array of options at your disposal as you try to find the best color combined with the material you really want installed to the exterior of the home. But with so many choices, how can you really make the best selection?

The best place to start is with your home’s current exterior color. Working from that information will make your choice of siding color a whole lot easier. Since you can find siding in colors that bright, warm, rich, and muted, you can be sure you will find the color that best suits your home. You want to support the existing color scheme that you have already chosen.

Light or Dark

If you’re going to work from the current color palette that exists on the home with respect to the roof, the surrounding areas of the property, and the exterior color of the house itself, you can then decide which direction you wish to go as to a lighter or darker shade or color for your siding.

Lighter colors can distract the eye away from certain areas of the house you wish to hide. Siding experts will tell you that light siding can be very useful in drawing attention away from features or imperfections of the home that you wish to leave unnoticed.

Darker colors will do just the opposite, so if you want to bring attention to parts of the home which you are particularly proud of, then you want to choose a darker siding color. However, darker siding can provide too dramatic an appearance on homes that are larger in size. That’s why siding experts will suggest you go with dark colors and shades for smaller homes and dwellings.

Lighter colors are best for larger homes because light colors tend to trick the eye into making objects appear somewhat smaller than normal.

But no matter the size of the home, one thing is for sure – siding colors are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Just because a certain color works on one home does not mean it will have the same effect on another. Your siding should be as unique as you are and when your home reflects your personality and preferences for color, the home will benefit greatly. You will also be far more satisfied with your purchase and the new aesthetic of the dwelling.

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