Best Plants For Your Screen Room

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There is a great chance that if you have a screen room as part of your Florida home, you will want to decorate it with lots of live plants, especially since Florida has so much wonderful plant life to take advantage of. While a screen room usually means an abundance of shade, it is possible to find plenty of plants that can thrive without the direct sunlight while others will grow spindly and sparse with the lack of ample time in direct sunlight, so it is important you are taking your personal screen porch space into account when deciding on what kind of plants to decorate your indoor/outdoor space with.

Making The Right Plant Choice

One of the things you will want to keep in mind when picking plants for your screen room is varied heights and sizes. While plants like trumpet vines and honeysuckle can be the ideal choices, spider plants, English ivy, and even flowering maple can all add a touch of Florida beauty to space. When it comes to areas with a large amount of share, you will want to look into plants such as hydrangeas, Japanese yews, and even azaleas.

Plants For Privacy

There is a good chance if you are going to be spending plenty of time on your screen porch, you will want to have some privacy. You can get more of this by planting palms around the outside of your porch. You can also use ferns within the screens to get the same effect. With the climate of Florida, these types of plants can grow wonderfully, even in shady areas.

Pots And Containers

You can also add a lot of your own personal flair to your porch by picking the right pots and containers to house your plants. You can pick different colors and hues in order to create the perfect atmosphere.

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