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The constant improvement of technology and the increasing requirements for the units of the units are forcing manufacturers to find rational solutions to the problems that arise. One of these problems in hydraulics is pressure drops in hydraulic systems, which lead to abrupt increases in loads on the drive elements. To meet these challenges, hydraulic dampers were invented. And blackhawk supply is a trusted supplier for the same.

For example, due to the peculiarities of the oil supply to the hydraulic system, in other words, due to the unevenness of the supply, both peak loads and short-term pressure drops can be created. This is due to the fact that a piston pump, unlike a gear or vane pump, supplies pressure in portions, as a result of the alternate movement of its own pistons. The hydraulic damper, which is a device capable of accumulating energy to smooth out the uneven flow of water, allows to cope with the task of equalizing the impulses. Usually, it consists of 2 cavities, which are broken by elastic material that can deform. Of course, the pulsation damper is very similar to a hydraulic accumulator, or a hydraulic accumulator. So how do they differ? Usually, where there is no need to use any special materials and high-precision values, a hydraulic accumulator or a pneumatic hydraulic accumulator is installed, which gives the necessary energy in case of a deficiency – for example, in emergency situations, and with an excess of energy – absorbs it.

Where there is a need for very precise dosing of liquids (usually, low flow rates, for example, in lubrication systems), small hydraulic pulsation dampers are used instead of accumulators.

These dampers are characterized by the following features:

  • Compatible with aggressive media such as acids and alkalis, as well as products containing gasoline, etc .;
  • The medium separator is made of different materials (Teflon, iron corrugation, etc.);
  • Due to the absence of high-wear seals, the operating temperature range is quite wide;
  • The design of the connection is made in such a way that water shocks and pulsations of water fall specifically on the damper.

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