Starter pack for renting a room in the Corona Era

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Are you thinking of renting out a room in this Corona Era?

Amidst the pandemic, while social distancing is key to preventing transmission, putting up rooms for rent might sound not a welcoming idea.

On the other hand, medical workers stay away from their families to protect them and work hard to help people fight the pandemic. It might sound cliche but, putting up rooms for rent for students who couldn’t go back to their homes and for medical workers is a win-win for everyone.

Here is a starter pack for renting a room in the Corona era.

  • Health CheckUp

Nonetheless, health is a prime factor and a serious concern. Before putting up rooms for rent, a medical check-up would be a smart move to prevent transmission.

Asking your tenants to get medically checked for any traces of virus would be sensible.

In these times, double-checking is necessary. Don’t hesitate to question your tenant about symptoms.

  • Make room for isolation.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Make sure you can provide a good room for isolation to your tenants after they move in. It is necessary and would also help your tenant to rest and adjust to the environment.

Make sure to ask them for what they need periodically and be interactive with them about their health.

Be friends with them as it would help them adjust and feel better.

  • Stock up on supplies

Since your tenant is moving in during a pandemic, as a kind gesture, stock up and provide them essential utilities that they can use during their isolation period. Make your tenant feel safe and secure. These gestures might look small but would mean a lot to the tenant.

Putting up rooms for rent right now would not be simple. However, having a new member in the house would make these times easy.

  • Sanitize well

Precautions, preventive measures, and sanitization are essential.

Make sure that you sanitize the rooms for rents as well as the living room. Place a sanitization booth at the entrance. You can mention your choices in the listings as well.

TIP: You can place a table with sanitizers, masks, and gloves for your applicants to use when visiting the room. Do not forget to put a trash can to ensure the gears’ proper disposal when your applicants leave.

  • Be open to negotiation.

Times are tough. As a landlord, be open to negotiation. Due to the economic crisis, many people have lost their jobs and are still on a job hunt. The least you can do is negotiate and sign a cheaper lease than you would do in the pre-pandemic times.

TIP: You can always sign a short term lease if you wish to raise the rent a little more in the future. Renewing a lease would give you that option.

  • Be welcoming

The year 2020 taught us that sometimes being kind is all we can do.

While putting up rooms for rent, be welcoming and polite to the potential tenants. It would make them feel safe in your home. Being rude or impolite would eventually scare them off.

You can always opt for virtual tours of the rooms if you do not wish for the applicants to come by and visit that often.

Do make sure the tenants are equipped with masks and maintain social distancing while visiting the place and moving in.

Putting up rooms for rent would not risk your health as far as you keep taking precautionary measures. Don’t forget that you are the one making the final call. Do not put up rooms for rent unless you are entirely sure that you can embrace another person’s presence.

Now, if you are ready to rent out a room, you know the drill. Check for any symptoms, isolate your tenant after moving in for 10-15 days, and take all the preventive measures.

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