Why It's Important to Get A Properly Sized Air Conditioner

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The choice of air conditioning system in your home should be made with consideration towards multiple factors including how much power your air conditioner has for effectively cooling your home. Correct sizing of your air conditioner is imperative for ensuring that it has sufficient cooling ability and when your ac is not sized properly you could be facing a whole range of potential problems.

You have to find that delicate balance between having an air conditioner that is powerful enough for the home without being too powerful as to overwhelm your home. So when you are considering the installation of a new air conditioner, you must always hire a reliable hvac service to install the system and install the RIGHT system for your home. If you fail to size the air conditioner correctly, you may find yourself ultimately replacing it.

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Too Small

When your air conditioner has not been sized correctly it’s either too small or big for the home. If you’re dealing with an air conditioner system that is too small, you will quickly discover that it lacks the necessary cooling capability to keep your home comfortable when the temperatures are in the triple digits outdoors.

You will also have an unbalanced cooling result, meaning that some rooms are warmer than others. Your energy costs are going to skyrocket because homes with air conditioners that are too small are left running their systems far longer than normal as a way to make up for the system’s weak output. That can lead to increased wear and tear and repair costs are just on the horizon.

Too Big

Having an air conditioner that is big and powerful for your home may seem like a tough concept to grasp. Wouldn’t it make sense to just adjust it accordingly on the thermostat and forget about it? Unfortunately, no. An air conditioner that is too big for the home it has been tasked with cooling can start to short cycle. This occurs when the thermostat registers the temperature to which it has been set and the house is cooled to this desired temperature.

As a result, the system will shut down the compressor. Until the thermostat registers a rise in temperature and the system turns it back on again right after. The system cools the house and then shuts down, only to repeat the cycle over and over. This can burn out the compressor and bring about elevated levels of wear and tear to your system. Short-cycling is potentially damaging to the air conditioner and it can have a negative impact on your electrical bills what with all the starting and stopping.

Short cycling doesn’t actually produce any cool air either, because the compressor hasn’t had enough time to generate any cold air in such a short period of time. It’s tantamount to just flicking a switch on and off to run your air conditioner. It does no good and can be pretty bad for your equipment and your wallet at the same time.

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