4 Things You Need To Check Before Attending Any Home Shows

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Home shows can be an overwhelming experience for first-time goers. With so much going on, so many different vendors plying their trades and new trends to learn about, it can be difficult to know how to maximize your reach in a short space of time. A little planning before the event can go a long way.

Know What You Want

Before stepping into the busy environment of a home show you need to know exactly what it is you are wanting to get out of the experience. Experts from all different fields of renovation, excavation, landscaping and redevelopment will be wanting to take a moment of your time to sell their wares to you.

Go into the show with a clear project goal set in your mind. Remember these professionals are selling themselves and their business at these shows so make sure you get what you want out of any encounter.

Read Up On Trends

A large component of home shows is the array of brand new trends entering the housing market each year. When you’re at the show itself you should be prepared to take some time and study up on some new ideas. Get a floorplan of the show and take plenty of pictures of anything that peaks your interest so you can refer back to them on future projects.

The Seattle Home Show’s 2020 Spring Show has just wrapped up and their blog and social media contains the highlights from the week. Check them out and do your homework on new ideas you might not have known existed before.

Talk To Contractors

Industry professionals are selling themselves at these shows. Take advantage by building relationships with builders and businesses that match your requirements. Get to know the vendors you’ve targeted with your pre-show research by preparing in depth questions to receive valuable answers.

Before you attend a show get a home show guide. In the case of the Seattle Home Show you can find a comprehensive list of all the vendors attending on their website. Knowing the projects you want to complete helps you pick out individuals to fit the job. Make a list of insightful questions to ask.

Take Your Own Ideas

If you’re heading to the show with a project in mind you should come prepared. Assemble a folder of your project plans to show to prospective companies. Take high quality photos of the areas of your house you want to redevelop and form a plan around them.

Showing these to the right people will give you ideas on pricing and the viability of your ideas, as well as the fact that you will be able to see how different professionals react to you. This will be important as they will be working on your home for a long period of time.

If you keep a few simple preparations in mind before attending you will be able to take advantage of the scores of experts on hand to help you with your 2020 home renovations.

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