Radiators: hottest home essential

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Radiators have long been considered a practical home appliance, that are there to provide heat and dry the odd piece of clothing or two. This has lead to homes up and down the country having plain, uninspiring radiators installed. However, radiators can be a feature in a room and  radiators are the hottest home essential.


Home designers started to take notice of radiators with the introduction of bathroom radiators. No longer were radiators bulky and ugly, now designers could experiment with shapes and materials to incorporate into new bathroom designs. Nowadays, radiators are an important part of any home design, and there are endless styles to choose from https://www.houzz.co.uk/ideabooks/32857673/list/decorating-10-stylish-ways-to-incorporate-radiators.


When looking into radiators it is important to think about your boilers service, age and size.

You will want one that is able to heat the home so a Gloucester Boiler Repair could be an option at sites like http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-repair-gloucester/. This could give you the peace of mind your looking for.

There was a time when radiators came in either white or metallic. Now, you have the choice of any colour, to compliment the design of your home. Colours such as sage, chocolate and gun metal will give your radiators a contemporary look and will work well with plain walls or walls that have exposed brickwork.


Whether contemporary or classic, a radiator can be both functional and elegant. Column radiators can be considered an old school style and will look great in your home. Manufacturers now stock a range of classic radiators in different sizes, shapes and colours, this will definitely spark your imagination. Contemporary designs are a perfect choice if you want a modern look to your home. Again, these radiators come in horizontal and vertical panels, along with different sizes and colours. Towel heaters are also a great look for a bathroom and can be really eye-catching.

Don’t forget your radiators when you next redesign your home. It can be easy to overlook the important part a radiator plays in the overall look of your home. While there is a practical need for radiators to heat your home, that does not mean they have to be an eyesore. This is highlighted by the number of manufacturers who are now offering a number of radiator styles and even allowing people to customise their own radiators to match the existing design of their home.

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