5 Of The Biggest Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

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When it comes to kitchen design trends for the year ahead, they don’t get much bigger than these five. Some things never go out of style, wood cabinets and an ability to maximize cabinet space are always on trend. But these new and innovative ideas that designers are embracing more freely for 2019 are something entirely fresh and different.

Homeowners eager to find just the right look for their kitchen, be it a brand new one or a renovation project for the new year, need not search any further. These are the five biggest kitchen design trends that will impress your guests the next time they come over.

1. Think Pink

Already a color that was playing a big role with home design, the year ahead looks to be pink’s best one yet as more interior designers are incorporating it into kitchens. More specifically, the cabinets. Soft pink has become very popular with homeowners who want something a little edgier than the typical beige or off-white neutrals that have become the norm in today’s kitchens.

What’s great about a light pink tone is that, much like with those neutral hues, it tends to complement a wide range of assorted colors from the bold and brilliant to the muted or pastel.

2. Backsplash Walls

Gone are the days of a backsplash merely rising but a few inches from the countertop. More interior design gurus are pushing those backsplashes further up the wall. The biggest trend has the tile backsplash climbing clear to the ceiling now. The aesthetic is fresh and forward-thinking providing a layer of texture to what would normally be a boring old wall.

3. Go Dark

That’s right, the dark blues, burgundies, and even black tones and shades are making their way into kitchens for 2019. So when you’re thinking about what color to paint that kitchen, consider going with something deep and dark, especially if your kitchen has plenty of windows to let in natural light. You could even complement these dark tones with bright hardware options like gold or silver.

4. Hit the Bench

Seating is one of the most crucial components of any kitchen and home design experts are going with bench seating to provide homeowners with more of it in 2019. You have a few options for incorporating a bench into the kitchen environment and the versatility they offer is almost limitless.

You can lounge around on them even when you’re not having a meal and they offer a wonderful option for storage space.

5. Transparent Dividers

Kitchens tend to overwhelm the living room due to their close proximity in many home floor plans. But adding a dividing wall can make the kitchen feel too closed off from the rest of the house. But the latest trend here uses transparent dividing walls that solve the problem of the kitchen overpowering a neighboring room without sealing it away entirely.

This has the effect of creating a more open and airy feel in the downstairs and can even provide more light into both areas.


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