Innovative Roofing Products in 2022


You can make your home stand out and keep it modern by using the latest roofing materials. Modern, attractive roofing products can increase the value of your home. These four new roof products are predicted to be very popular in 2022.

Synthetic slate shingles

Synthetic slate shingles are a cost-effective alternative to real slate and can be used for roofing. Synthetic slate tiles can be made from rubber or plastic, and they have the same look as genuine slate shingles. They are considered to be eco-friendly. They are easy to install and come in many styles.

Synthetic slate shingles cost $4-$6 per square foot. Synthetic slate shingles are significantly cheaper than genuine slate shingles. Synthetic slate shingles can be visually attractive and cost-effective. If they are properly maintained, they can last for around 40-50years.

Synthetic Wood Shakes

Synthetic wood shakes can be used to give a roof rustic appeal. Synthetic wood shakes are made from pine, western Red Cedar trees, cypress, redwood, and redwood trees. Vinyl cedar shakes are a very popular wood shake.

Traditional wood shakes can be expensive and require extensive maintenance. There are much synthetic wood shakes on the market. This product is a new type of roofing that has the same appealing look as traditional wood shakes but at a much lower price.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are the latest technology in solar roofing. They mimic asphalt shingles and produce electricity for your home. These shingles last for up to 30 years and are extremely durable. These shingles also have the highest energy output. Solar shingles can still produce electricity even after their maximum life span but at a lower rate. They are much more attractive than traditional asphalt shingles and weigh as little as 13 lbs per square foot.

The number of solar shingles that you will need to power your home will depend on how much energy you use. Even if you have only a few solar roofing systems, your energy bills will be reduced. One solar shingle can generate between 13 and 63 Watts.

Solar shingles are more attractive than solar panels and less costly. They also make it easier to install and take down solar panels. They are less efficient than solar panels and require a slope that receives a lot of sunlight. You can get solar shingles for as low as $21 per square foot.

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